Saturday, July 21, 2007

bawling and numb

Carol, I feel like I'm the obverse of your bawling. I walk around as if I could move but feel numb and despondent, trying not to take it out on my office mates. As I described to Doug, office behavior here is like the dysfunctional family with several kids at the grocery store: cans flying, shouts, sullen obstruction of progress, carts full of candy. I started reading your blog entry just a few minutes before I was supposed to do a session on series entries for the copy catalogers. I almost had to tell Susan I just couldn't. It seems to matter so little, in the grand scheme of things.

I too think the planning so far on the memorial service seems to be going right with a mix of stuff that makes sense because Dad would like it and things that are more for us (bagpipes, "Saints"). The schedule sounds tight but ok.

Cathy called yesterday morning just about the same time I was reading Carol's and other blog entries, at the same time I was thinking about the series session. Part of me wanted to pack up my stuff and rush to the airport and sit on her lap. Being Gemini or parallel polar, or melancholic, I excuse myself these two paths. Doug, I am so glad you are finding Lincoln's melancholy interesting.

I came over to the office to work on my ALA report. So far, the only part that's done is the part I did on Carol's computer in Sayre. The attachment in RTF did open fine on my PC at the office. If you want to delete the file on your computer, Carol, that's fine. With any luck, it will be an old version anyway.

As I look at my calendar right now, I think I'll come up on the 3rd and stay at least a week. There's something late in the day on the 2nd (not incredibly urgent but I've said I could be there: "interview" with a new dual degree library science/art history student to determine appropriate mentor who will probably be the fine arts librarian, I'm not the chair or responsible for the meeting) so I won't come up until morning of the 3rd.

Love to you all and wishing I could be in Alfred right now, in the bosom of the family.

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